Exclusive: Jose Molina – The Final Interview with the Ex-Kitchee Manager

Often it is said that that best way to make an impression is to leave your mark in a short period of time. This trait and quality can definitely be attributed to the now departed Jose Molina who has left his role as manager of Kitchee to return to Spain for personal reasons. In an exclusive final interview, Jose Molina kindly took time to have a chat with Christopher KL Lau about his incredible season and his future plans.

In his short one year stint, Molina managed to achieve a remarkable domestic treble with the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup and he guided Kitchee to the AFC Cup quarter finals. He also reinforced Kitchee’s attractive style of play and has definitely left the club in a healthy position for his successor.

In our interview, Molina admitted that he would miss Hong Kong and the feeling is mutual as many are saddened to see him leave as his hard-working and humble manner was a breath of fresh air in what can be a tough and relentless city. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic and if Kitchee reach the AFC Cup Final then he would love to return to Hong Kong to watch his old colleagues!

Which match was the best for you this year?

The best…I think, we had two big games this year. One was the Eastern match when we won 4-0 and the other was the League Cup Final against South China which we also won 4-0. These were the two greatest nights that year. Both matches were amazing and really difficult, but we played well and we achieved two big victories against two great teams.

Which team did you fear playing the most?

I like to play against everyone. Every team is different and has their strong points and weak points. I think that this year, the most difficult matches were against Eastern, but especially the matches against South China were really tough and we could only win against them one time in the League Cup Final. In the Premier League,  we had two draws and we also lost to them in the Community Cup. But I think it was really difficult to play against both teams.

What advice would you give to the next Kitchee manager?

I don’t know…haha! I am sure Kitchee would sign a good coach for the next year and I hope he can do a good job. I tried to enjoy everyday working. That’s my mentality and that is what I tried to say to everybody (at Kitchee)! Enjoy everyday. When you enjoy your work then you will work better.

Will you miss Hong Kong?

Yes, sure. Hong Kong is a really good place. I will not miss the weather, but I will miss some things here. It is a big and nice city and it was great to live here.

Which city in Spain will you go back too?

I will go back to Valencia but if I find another job in another city then I will move to there.

Would you come back to Asia or Hong Kong?

Yes, of course. Maybe in the future, I could come back to Hong Kong or move to another country in Asia.

Thank you and all the best for the future!




Photos: Christopher KL Lau

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