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Interview: McKee shares his thoughts before WC debut

With Hong Kong playing Bhutan tonight in the World Cup qualifiers, Jaimes McKee, the Hong Kong striker, kindly took time to speak to Christopher KL Lau of on the evening before the match. 

Do you think with two seemingly easy games that you guys will underestimate your opponents? 

No, I don’t think so. I realise that in our last two games against Guam whom everyone seems to underestimate, they were both really tough games. You have to start every game with the right mentality and you have to prepare as well as you can and try your best in every game.

Do you feel pressure to deliver the goals? Do you have feel any type of burden or do you feel relaxed? 

I think it is better to be relaxed as possible so thats my goal at the moment. I want to focus well on training well and doing everything I should be doing in training and trying to stay calm and knowing that I have prepared well for the match and things should just go naturally in the match. At the end of the day, I can just give my best effort.

What do you think will be the score tomorrow?


Will you score a hat-trick?

Haha. Yeah, three goals for me!

Video from the press conference on 10 June 2015:

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