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Resilient Hong Kong Hold China to Draw

Another historical night at Mong Kok stadium saw Hong Kong hold favorites China to an incredibly intense nil-nil draw. With global interest and an audiences of millions across both Hong Kong and China, the game proved to be worthy of the occasion and build up as both sides managed to strike both post and bar on several occasions. This may have been the second round of Asian World Cup qualifying but the noise, passion, atmosphere and action was electrifying. Aside from the stadium, bars and public screenings were packed out with fans desperate to join the action.

As the game progressed, China became more and more desperate as they realized the significance of not defeating Hong Kong and what it would do to their World Cup qualifying chances. Hong Kong held out till the end and gave their fans all across the city and around the world an incredible memory and of course…Pride.

More In-depth analysis soon.

Pictures from this historical game by Willio, JRP Borthwick, Ryan Kam, Christopher KL Lau


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