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During the next months, offside.hk will provide regular updates on the local transfer market:

RECENTLY: Last season’s “Coach of the Year” Lee Chi Kin joins re-grouped Pegasus FC and brings 9 former YFCMD players with him, including Wong Wai, Lee Ka Yiu and Leung Kwun Chung; Eastern signs goalkeeper Liang Yuhao and defender Clayton from relegated Taipo FC as well as Tsang Chi Hau and Tsang Kam To from Kitchee; Metro Gallery acquires Spanish defender Pablo Jose Gallardo Zurera from Arroyo CP as well as three more players from troubled Wong Tai Sin; Southern District signs Diego Garrido Garcia from La Roda CF (Spain). 

Last Update: 12 July 2015


INCOMING (all transfers into and in-between Hong Kong leagues):

Team Player Chinese Pos From
Eastern SC Ju Yingzhi 鞠盈智 MF Sun Pegasus
Eastern SC Cheng King Ho 鄭璟昊 MF Yuen Long
Eastern SC Yeung Ching Kwong 楊正光 Coach HKFA
Eastern SC Xu Deshuai 徐德帥 MF Kitchee
Eastern SC Han Jae-woong 韓載雄 FW Rangers
Eastern SC Tsang Chi Hau 曾至孝 DF Kitchee
Eastern SC Ho Kwok Chuen 何國泉 GK Sun Pegasus
Eastern SC Festus Baise 法圖斯 DF Sun Pegasus
Eastern SC Andrew Barisic 巴域斯 FW Melbourne Knights
Eastern SC Lee Hong Lim 李康廉 MF Sun Pegasus
Eastern SC Tsang Kam To 曾錦濤 DF Kitchee
Eastern SC Liang Yuhao 梁宇昊 GK Taipo
Eastern SC Clayton Michel Alfonso 基頓 DF Taipo
Kitchee Tong Kin Man 唐建文 DF Sun Pegasus
Kitchee Fernando 費蘭度 LW YFCMD
Metro Gallery Leung Kwok Wai 梁國威 DF Eastern SC
Metro Gallery Kenji Fukuda 福田健二 FW YFCMD
Metro Gallery Eugene Mbome 麥保美 MF Rangers
Metro Gallery Wong Tsz Ho 黃梓浩 MF Wong Tai Sin
Metro Gallery Wong Chun Hin 黃駿軒 MF Wong Tai Sin
Metro Gallery Tse Long Hin 謝朗軒 MF Wong Tai Sin
Metro Gallery Yiu Ho Ming 姚浩明 MF Taipo
Metro Gallery Pablo Jose Gallardo Zurera 包羅 DF Arroyo CP
Pegasus FC Man Pei Tak 文彼得 Manager Eastern SC
Pegasus FC Kwok Kin Pong 郭建邦 MF Eastern SC
Pegasus FC Lo Kong Wai 羅港威 FW South China
Pegasus FC Cheng Lai Hin 鄭禮騫 FW South China
Pegasus FC Leung Kwun Chung 梁冠聰 DF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Leung Nok Hang 梁諾恆 DF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Wong Chun Ho 黃俊皓 MF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Fong Pak Lun 方柏倫 FW YFCMD
Pegasus FC Fung Hing Wa 馮慶燁 DF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Lee Ka Ho 李家豪 DF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Lee Ka Yiu 李嘉耀 MF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Tan Chun Lok 陳俊樂 MF YFCMD
Pegasus FC Wong Wai 黃威 FW YFCMD
Pegasus FC Wong Tsz Chung 王子聰 GK Sun Hei
Pegasus FC Lee Chi Kin 李志堅 Coach YFCMD
Rangers Hui Wang Fung 許宏鋒 FW Citizen (1st Div)
Rangers Paulo Cesar 保羅 GK Citizen (1st Div)
Rangers Cheung Wai Hong 張偉康 GK Wong Tai Sin
Rangers Hui Ka Lok 許嘉樂 MF YFCMD
South China Lai Yiu Cheong 黎耀昌 RW Wong Tai Sin
South China Chan Man Fai 陳文輝 FW Sun Pegasus
South China Cheung Chi Yung 張志勇 DF Yuen Long
South China Cheung Kin Fung 張健峰 DF Kitchee
South China Liang Zicheng 梁子成 FW Eastern SC
South China Boima Jerry Karpeh 寶馬 FW Sporting Goa
South China Lucas Silva 魯卡斯 FW Clube Esportivo Aimore
Southern District Tse Tak Him 謝德謙 GK Sun Pegasus
Southern District Cheng Siu Chung 鄭兆聰 Coach
Southern District Sham Kwok Fai 沈國輝 DF Sun Pegasus
Southern District Tomas Maronesi 杜馬思 DF Wong Tai Sin
Southern District Shay Spitz 思希 MF Rangers
Southern District James Ha 夏志明 FW Rangers
Southern District Leung Tsz Chun 梁子駿 FW Eastern SC
Southern District Wellingsson de Souza 蘇沙 FW Yuen Long
Southern District Diego Garrido Garcia 加拉度 DF La Roda CF
Wing Yee (1st Div) Detinho (dos Santos) 迪天奴 FW South China
Yuen Long Fung Hoi Man 馮凱文 Coach Southern District
Yuen Long Tam Lok Hin 談樂軒 MF YFCMD
Yuen Long Yip Tsz Chun 葉子俊 FW Sun Pegasus
Yuen Long Ip Chung Long 葉頌朗 MF Sun Pegasus
Yuen Long Lai Hau Hei 黎厚希 DF Rangers
Yuen Long Chiu Yu Ming 邱于銘 GK YFCMD
Yuen Long Chan Cheuk Kwong 陳卓光 MF Wong Tai Sin

OUTGOING (all transfers out of Hong Kong leagues, retired players as well as current free agents):

Team Player Chinese Pos To
Eastern SC Yiu Hok Man 姚學文 FW retiring
Eastern SC Leung Chi Wing 梁志榮 DF retiring
Eastern SC Cristiano Cordeiro Coach Kitchee Academy
Eastern SC Lee Chi Ho 李志豪 DF ?
Eastern SC Dylan Macallister FW Rockdale City Suns
Eastern SC Kwok Kin Pong 郭建邦 DF/MF ?
Eastern SC Cheng Siu Wai 鄭少偉 FW ?
Eastern SC Li Hon Ho 李瀚灝 GK ?
Eastern SC Rohan Ricketts 歷格斯 MF ?
Eastern SC Man Pei Tak 文彼得 DF retiring
Kitchee Jose Molina Coach ?
Rangers Katano Hiromichi 片野寬理 DF Sukhotai FC
South China Evan Kostopoulos 伊雲 FW Adelaide Comets
South China Lee Wai Lim 李威廉 RW retiring
South China Michael Campion 金寶 MF ?
South China Daniel McBreen 麥比連 FW ?
Sun Pegasus Jerrady Tyson 泰臣 GK Perth Glory
Sun Pegasus Deng Jinghuang 鄧景煌 DF retiring
Sun Pegasus Admir Raščić 拉斯錫 FW FK Olimpic Sarajevo
Sun Pegasus So Wai Chuen 蘇偉泉 DF retiring
Sun Pegasus Ling Landon 林家亮 DF ?
Sun Pegasus Igor Miović 摩域治 DF ?
Sun Pegasus Lo Chun Kit 盧俊傑 DF ?
Sun Pegasus Dario Damjanović 丹贊奴域 MF ?
Sun Pegasus Sham Kwok Keung 沈國強 MF ?
Sun Pegasus Niko Tokic 杜基 FW ?
Sun Pegasus Voinea Petrisor 禾尼亞 FW ?
Sun Pegasus Chan Kong Pan 陳港斌 DF ?
Wong Tai Sin Sandro 辛祖 FW ?
Yuen Long Čedomir Mijanović 美亞 DF ?
Yuen Long Fabio Lopes Alcantara 法比奧 FW retiring
Yuen Long Chiu Chun Kit 趙俊傑 DF ?
Yuen Long So Loi Keung 蘇來強 MF ?
Yuen Long Tsz Kin Pang 彭梓鍵 GK ?
Yuen Long Chan Ho Yin 陳浩然 Coach ?
Yuen Long Tsuyoshi Yishatake 吉武剛 MF retiring

Photo Source: HKFA

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