Transfers: Who is in and who is out?

Over the last few weeks more than 80 transfers have been completed in the Hong Kong Premier League. With only a few days left before the start of the new season, we took a closer look and put together a substantial overview of “who is in?” and “who is out?”. The time window for new signings will actually remain open until September 26th, although this deadline hardly matters in a league where 99% of all transfers are free.

International Transfers

In total, 15 overseas players have been signed so far this summer, or 16 if we include Hong Kong-German Andreas Lam Zhi Gin, who previously played in the Bundesliga with Hamburger SV and later on Greuter Fürth. Undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular signings is 26-year-old Salva Chamorro, who joins Pegasus from Barcelona’s B team. Kitchee have also impressed with bringing in promising players such as Marcos de la Espada (Gimnastic / Spain), Pau Bosch (Lleida Esportiu, Spain) and Kim Bong-jun (Gyeongnam FC / South Korea). Title contenders Eastern on the other hand have only signed Australian defender Josh Mitchell who brings valuable A-League (Newcastle Jets) and CSL (Liaoning) experience to the team. Similarly, South China have only replaced one of their foreign aids, with Felix Borja having to leave to make room for Serbian forward Nikola Komazec, who previously played in Georgia where he scored 4 goals in 13 games for Dinamo Batumi. In contrast, district teams such as Yuen Long and Tai Po will rely heavily on Brazilian power, with the greens signing midfielder Dudu (Penapolense SP/ Brazil), Lucas Silva (Aimore RS / Brazil), and are also expected to finalize the contracts with David Lazari  (Real Esteli FC / Nicaragua) and Everson Lima (Osasco FC / Brazil) before the start of the season, while the Tangerines signed Brazilian centre forward Diego Higino (Conquista BA / Brazil). Southern District will try their luck with Walter Vaz Correa, a French of Bissau-Guinean descent, who joins from Uruguayan side El Tanque Sisley. Surprisingly, even Sapling, which is supposed to foster Hong Kong’s youth development, shopped around and made some interesting signings, such as Spaniard Rafa Wellington (Chiangmai FC / Thailand), Equatorial-Guinean national team player Raul Fabiani (CD Castellon, Spain) and 25-year old Brazilian midfielder Junior from Sporting Macau.

Local Transfers

With two teams being relegated from the Premier League (Wong Tai Sin, Dreams) and four new teams joining (Tai Po, HKFC, Sapling, R&F), the local market has also been very dynamic throughout the summer. While most of the Sapling team consists of former players from Rangers and Wong Tai Sin, Yuen Long and Rangers also seem to have simply switched a quarter of their squads. Interestingly, Tai Po have signed some of Hong Kong’s most promising talents, such as Wong Wai, Lee Ka Yiu, Tan Chun Lok and Fung Hing Wa (all from Pegasus and still under 25), and they also found room for underrated Japanese forward Yuto Nakamura (South China) as well as Brazilian goalkeeper Paulo Cesar (Rangers). Furthermore, some interesting signings have happened between the top teams of the league. Eastern secured the services of Hong Kong striker Jaimes McKee (Pegasus) as well as midfielder Leung Chun Pong (South China). Kitchee on the other hand have only recruited from their own talent pool and have decided to bring in four local talents of foreign descent from their reserve squad, including Sebastian Buddle, Mark Swainston, Robbie Stamp and Barak Braunshtain. While Pegasus have snapped up several youngsters from voluntarily relegated Dreams Metro Gallery, three of their top players have also left to join South China instead, and Leung Nok Hang, Leung Kwun Chung and Lo Ka Wai will all be wearing the red of the Caroliners in the future. Conversely, Pegasus signed Macanese forward Leong Ka Hang from Tai Po. Newcomers R&F have so far confirmed seven of their eight required local signings. Aside from four lower division players (from Yau Tsim Mong, Eastern District, Central & Western), they also hired Chuck Yiu Kwok (Rangers) and Cheung Kwok Ming (Kitchee).


Hong Kong’s loan signings this year are clearly dominated by Kitchee and Eastern, who remain the only teams with the necessary depth to actually loan out some of their players. Kitchee’s Jordi Tarres and Fernando Recio will be on the payroll of Rangers this year, while their teammates Emmet Wan and Christian Annan have found a temporary home at Pegasus. Other Kitchee players on loan include Ngan Lok Fung (Yuen Long), Leung Ka Hai (R&F), and Chan Ka Ho (Sapling). Reigning champions Eastern send three of their players to both Rangers (Wong Chun Hin, Wong Tsz Ho, Tse Long Hin) and Sapling (Lee Ka Wah, Lee Yat Chun, Lilley Nunez Vasudeva), and one to Yuen Long (Yiu Ho Ming).



Out In
Andrew Barisic (To: N/A) Miroslav Saric (Fr: Dreams MG / end of loan)
James Mayer (To: N/A) Joshua Mitchell (Fr: Liaoning Whowin)
Wong Chun Hin (To: Rangers on loan) Leung Chun Pong (Fr: South China)
Wong Tsz Ho (To: Rangers on loan) Jaimes McKee (Fr: Pegasus)
Tse Long Hin (To: Rangers on loan) Li Ka Chun (Fr: Dreams MG / end of loan)
Yiu Ho Ming (To: Yuen Long on loan)
Lau Ho Lam (To: Yuen Long)
Eugine Mbome (To: Pegasus)
Lee Ka Wah (To: Sapling on loan)
Lee Yat Chun (To: Sapling on loan)
Lilley Nunez Vasudeva Das (To: Sapling on loan)
Andy Naegelein (To: N/A)



Out In
Fernando Recio (To: Rangers on loan) Pau Bosch (Fr: Lleida Esportiu, Spain)
Jordi (To: Rangers on loan) Marcos de la Espada (Fr: Gimnastic, Spain)
Ngan Lok Fung (To: Yuen Long on loan) Kim Bong Jin (Fr: Gyeongnam, Korea)
Emmet Wan (To: Pegasus on loan) Lam Zhi Gin (Fr: Greuter Fuerth, Germany)
Christian Annan (To: Pegasus on loan) Wang Hecun (Fr: Southern / end of loan)
Cheung Kwok Ming (To: R&F) Barak Braunshtain
Leung Ka Hai (To: R&F on loan) Robert Stamp
Chan Ka Ho (To: Sapling on loan) Mark Swainston
Ho Chuck Hang (To: University of the Cumberlands) Sebastian Buddle
Kim Tae-min (To: N/A)
Gao Wen (end of career)


South China

Out In
Leung Chun Pong (To: Eastern) Nikola Komazec (Fr: Dinamo Batumi, Georgia)
Cheung Chi Yung (To: Pegasus) Leung Nok Hang (Fr: Pegasus)
Yuto Nakamura (To: Tai Po) Leung Kwun Chung (Fr: Pegasus)
Liang Zicheng (To: Southern) Lo Kong Wai (Fr: Pegasus)
Moses Mensah (To: N/A)
Felix Borja (To: N/A)


Southern District

Out In
Emmet Wan (To: Kitchee / end of loan) Walter Vaz Correa (Fr: Tanque Sisley, Uruguay)
Wang Hecun (To: Kitchee / end of loan) Beto Fronza (Fr: Rangers)
Ho Chuck Hang (To: Kitchee / end of loan) Lau Hok Ming (Fr: Rangers)
Robson Leung Ka Hai (To: Kitchee / end of loan) Hui Wang Fung (Fr: Rangers)
Chan Cham Hei (To: Sapling) Dieguito (Fr: Rangers)
Lo Wat Tat (end of career) Liang Zicheng (Fr: South China)
Jonathan Carril (To: N/A)
Jose Maria Diaz (To: N/A)



Out In
Admir Adrovic (To: FK Mladost, Montenegro) Salva Chamorro (Fr: Barcelona B, Spain)
Leung Nok Hang (To: South China) Cheung Chi Yung (Fr: South China)
Leung Kwun Chung (To: South China) Emmet Wan (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Lo Kong Wai (To: South China) Eugine Mbome (Fr: Eastern)
Jaimes McKee (To: Eastern) Christian Annan (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Lee Ka Yiu (To: Tai Po) Leong Ka Hang (Fr: Tai Po)
Lee Ka Yiu (To: Tai Po) To Chun Kiu (Fr: Dreams MG)
Wong Wai (To: Tai Po) Leung Kwok Wai (Fr: Dreams MG)
Fung Hing Wa (To: Tai Po) Chow Win Hin Cyrus (Fr: Dreams MG)
Wong Tsz Chung (To: Yuen Long) Chung Wai Keung (Fr: Dreams MG)
Kevin Bond (COACH) Lai Lok Yin (Fr: Dreams MG)
Chan Pak Hei (To: Campbellsville) Siu Chun Ming (Fr: Dreams MG)
Steve Gallen (COACH)


Yuen Long

Out In
Chiu Yiu Ming (To: Rangers) Diego Higino (Fr: Conquista-BA – Brazil)
Ip Chong Long (To: Rangers) Yiu Ho Ming (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Chan Cheuk Kwong (To: Rangers) Lau Ho Lam (Fr: Eastern)
Felix Luk (To: Rangers) Ngan Lok Fung (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Philip To (To: Rangers) Wong Tsz Chun (Fr: Pegasus)
Tung Ho Yin (To: Rangers) Yu Wai Lim (Fr: Tai Po)
Lee Kai Chi (To: Rangers) Tsang Chiu Tat (COACH)
Yan Pak Long (To: Rangers) Pang Tsz Kin (Fr: Dreams MG)
Yuan Yang (end of career) Pang Chiu Yin (Fr: Happy Valley)
Tsang Chiu Tat (end of career) Wong Yim Kwan (Fr: Eastern District)
Fung Hoi Man (COACH)
Gustavo (To: N/A)
Stefan Pereira (stay?)
Park Chan Jong (stay?)



Out In
Beto Fronza (To: Southern) Jordi Tarres (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Hui Wang Fung (To: Southern) Fernando Recio (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Dieguito (To: Southern) Wong Chun Hin (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Cheng Siu Kwan (To: Sapling) Wong Tsz Ho (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Tsui Wang Kit (To: Sapling) Tse Long Hin (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Kwok Tsz Kaai (To: Sapling) Ip Chung Long (Fr: Yuen Long)
Siu Leong (To: Sapling) Law Chun Yan (Fr: Yau Tsim Mong)
Jige Kouta (To: Sapling) Chu Yiu Ming (Fr: Yuen Long)
Paulo Cesar (To: Tai Po) Philip To (Fr: Yuen Long)
Chuck Yiu Kwok (To: R&F) Felix Luk (Fr: Yuen Long)
Ernesto Gomez (To: Mar Menor CF) Lee Kai Chi (Fr: Yuen Long)
Jige Kouta (To: Sapling) Tung Ho Yin (Fr: Yuen Long)
Mauricio (To: N/A) Chan Cheuk Kwong (Fr: Yuen Long)
Chiu Chun Kit (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)


Tai Po

Out In
Leong Ka Hang (To: Pegasus) Dudu (Fr: Penapolense-SP, Brazil)
Yu Wai Lim (To: Pegasus) Lucas (Aimore RS, Brazil)
Chan Ka Ki (end of career) David Lazari (TBC)
Everson Alan da Lima (TBC)
Yuto Nakamura (Fr: South China)
Fung Hing Hwa (Fr: Pegasus)
Lee Ka Yiu (Fr: Pegasus)
Wong Wai (Fr: Pegasus)
Tan Chun Lok (Fr: Pegasus)
Paulo Cesar (Fr: Rangers)



Out In
Andreas Thorsen (To: Raith Rovers, Scotland) Chan Sze Chung (Fr: Eastern District)
Michael Campion (end of career)
Allan Fraser (end of career)



Raul Fabiani (Fr: CD Castellon, Spain)
Rafa Wellington (Fr: Chiangmai FC, Thailand)
Junior (Fr: Sporting Macau)
Lee Ka Wah (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Lee Yat Chun (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Lilley Nunez Vasudeva Das (Fr: Eastern on loan)
Chan Ka Ho (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Chan Cham Hei (Fr: Southern)
Jige Kouta (Fr: Rangers)
Cheng Siu Kwan (Fr: Rangers)
Tsui Wang Kit (Fr: Rangers)
Kwok Tsz Kaai (Fr: Rangers)
Siu Leong (Fr: Rangers)
Everton Camargo (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Ito Kohei (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Yoon Dong-hun (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Zhang Jun (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Lau Kwun Pong (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Lau Chi Lok (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Lau Tsz Kin (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Yeung Chi Lun (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Liu Pui Fung (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Yu Pui Hong (Fr: Wong Tai Sin)
Alexander Parin Stewart (Fr: Mutual)
Gerard Ambassa Guy (Fr: N/A)



Leung Ka Hai (Fr: Kitchee on loan)
Cheung Kwok Ming (Fr: Kitchee)
Chuck Yiu Kwok (Fr: Rangers)
Jing Teng (Fr: Yau Tsim Mong)
Tsang Kin Fong (Fr: Yau Tsim Mong)
Lam Wan Kit (Fr: Eastern District)
Lau Tak Yan (Fr: Central & Western)


Photo Source: Eastern Sports Club

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