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Post China Match Interview with Mark Sutcliffe – CEO of HKFA

On a rousing night for Hong Kong football, Mark Sutcliffe, CEO of the Hong Kong Football Association and the man credited with reviving the Hong Kong game, kindly took time a few minutes after the final whistle to answer a few quick questions. By Christopher KL Lau and photo by Willio.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s draw (at the time) and what are the reasons for Hong Kong’s success? 

Well, it was a bit stressful watching the game but it was a great performance. Like in the first game, they had possession and we rode our luck a little bit but to be honest, the main reason is our team spirit, which at the moment, is fantastic. Coach Kim has got all the players really unified and playing as a team and the new players have come in as well so it is just a big team effort.

How about the new fitness coach? Has he really made a huge difference? 

Every little bit helps. He is a really great guy and he has done a great job and the players respect him and they listen to him so he is part of the team.

Thank you!

Christopher KL Lau is a photographer, editor and marketing consultant for

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