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Interview: Two Goal Hero McKee On the Bhutan Game

On a thrilling night for Hong Kong football, Jaimes McKee had a quick chat with’s Christopher KL Lau on his performance and how he felt after a resounding 7-0 win. 

How did you gauge your own performance today?

I am happy to contribute two goals today and I am happy that the team won 7-0. It is always a little bit nerve wracking when it is your first game in the World Cup qualifiers infront of a full stadium today so we obviously wanted to get off to a good start.

I was a little bit nervous when I missed that first chance and I was a bit worried but I was glad to score my first goal shortly after that and it helped settle me a little bit.

So you said you would get a hat-trick today. How many are you going to score on Tuesday against Maldives?

Haha. I should have had a hat-trick today! ……..I am going with……Ummm… another hat-trick. Haha. It worked for me this time!


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