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FIFA confusion: HKFA fined for non-existent incident?

According to various news outlets, the HKFA was fined HK$ 116,000 (CHF 15,000)  over devious fan behaviour in the 2018 World Cup Qualifier campaign, including incidents during games against Bhutan, Qatar and China. Surprisingly, as Apple Daily reports, around HK$ 77,000 (CHF 10,000) of this penalty have been allocated to the away game in Shenzhen, where the Hong Kong squad held a historic 0-0 draw against the Chinese national team. However, it turned out that FIFA made a mistake on their official announcement, and the decision related to the booing on November 17th, when Hong Kong took on China at Mong Kok Stadium.

The official FIFA Disciplinary Overview states the concerned match as “CHN v HKG” without indicating the date. Given that Hong Kong is occasionally also referred to as “HGK” (sic!), it’s just an instance of the organization’s unprofessionalism.

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