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Interview with Kevin Bond – HK Pegasus Manager

by Christopher KL Lau

Despite recently arriving in Hong Kong, the Englishman Kevin Bond has truly made his mark in Hong Kong football by winning two cups with Hong Kong Pegasus within the period of a week.

With a storied playing career including Manchester City, Norwich and Southampton, Bond’s new adventure has taken him to Hong Kong and he has made the most perfect of starts.

At the end of the Henderson Sapling Cup final, Kevin Bond briefly chatted about the cup double.

You have recently arrived in Hong Kong and you have now won two cups. Is this what you expected?

It is certainly not what I expected but it might be what you dream of but not what was expected.

Hong Kong Pegasus now have a season playoff very soon so will the team now have some time off to recover?

We are going to have to think about what the plans will be for the next few days.

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